Power BI

Deploy Power BI analytics into your business processes to produce even more insights from your data:

  • Combine the unrelated data from various sources into a single comprehensive model to create interactive reports for different business levels;
  • Vivid interactive visualizations, a responsive interface, and granted access for different users will help the business to share the information with anyone or everyone you want in an easy and fast manner.
  • Consume up-to-date business insights from the real-time dashboards on the go from the app or from your computer desktop.
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Power Apps

Leverage your business process abilities with Power Apps:

  • Create customized personal and team productivity applications with no-code or low-code to transform the manual timely operations into digital, automated processes;
  • Integrate the processes across different systems to interact with different data and metadata, create custom connectors, and unite internal and external data;
  • Capitalize work flexibility gains with responsive design that can run seamlessly in browser and on mobile devices (phone or tablet).
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Power Automate

With Power Automate you can:

  • Create workflows to automate repetitive time-consuming business tasks and processes across various applications and services.
  • Customize tasks automation specifically to your business needs with user-friendly drag-and-drop tools.
  • Go paperless and save your time and resources by standardizing and automating various forms preparation with document automation and process approvals.
  • Simplify mandate tasks in various business areas: operations, marketing, accounting, billing, and more.

We can help you customize Power Automate specifically for your company and individual business objectives and take your business processes from outdated to automated levels.

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