Responsive Theme

AM Bell team specializes in SharePoint Responsive Theme development. What is responsive theme?

Response theme dynamically adjusts to optimal viewing format based on the devise you are using to access the site. Responsive SharePoint site eliminates the need to maintain devise pool and template for mobile version of your site. We utilize popular frameworks, Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation, to build effective corporate and professional themes.

Final product can be incorporated as a publically facing site or as in intranet site.

  • Customized Master Page template(s) provides over all layout of the site.
  • Tailored Page Layout provide further formatting of the pages.
  • User Controls and Web Parts provide page component formatting
  • JS Link scripting is used to format output of a Web Part

 JavaScript, and JQuery used to achieve desired results.

Layout is developed to provide different variations of how content would be presented to the user. Dynamic, maintenance free, formatting of the contents based on the data specified within dedicated list. For example: list called Featured Project includes number of entries that are dynamically formatted and presented to the end-user. Content managers would maintain list entries to provide current information without need to worry about formatting. Formatted content that is not part of the responsive template. For example: you might want to integrate scrolling list of sponsors. It is as easy as adding Sponsor Web Part to you page.

Output would be dynamically formatted based on the devise being used to view contents and correlating Web Part to provide dynamic and responsive output.

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